v  Research and Business cooperation

Ø  For industrial, academic and research cooperation, our company has a tie-up with the China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Jiangnan University, South China University of Technology and other institutions.

Ø  Our top business partners are Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BUDI, WahahaGroup, Yili Group, Mengniu Group, Unified Enterprises, Xilang Group, Heinz Food and other well-known enterprises at the domestic as well as international level.

v  Awards and Achievements

Ø  Our company has won several awards for instance, the Coca-Cola "Best Supplier Quality Award", "Best Alliance Supplier Award", "Greater China SGP Continuous Progress Award", "Global Strategic Cooperative Supplier" etc.

Ø  In addition, we were also awarded with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology industrial products green design demonstration enterprises, green manufacturing system demonstration enterprises (green factories), Binzhou Mayor Quality Award and other honors.

v  Vision and Future Prospects

Ø  Vision: To achieve and sustain our company's motto of “nature to me, health to you”, a green, healthy and sustainable development are always been our central objectives to be accomplished by implementation of green development concept and establishment of product life cycle development economic system.

Ø  Future prospects: In the next few years, we look forward to develop Polysaccharide products, expand the application of fructose syrup in medicine (Pharmaceutical industry), applications in high-end food and various other fields, etc.

Our consistent efforts in improving efficiency and adding value to the products and services, we strive for the prominent leader in the High Fructose Syrup Industry with utmost appreciation and assistance from our global business partners.

Our Business Partners